Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is exciting and it’s truly amazing how many changes occur in your body during this time. However some changes are not so pleasant.

If You Are Experiencing:

Low Back Pain
Hip Pain
Round Ligament Pain
Pubic Symphysis or Groin Pain
Urinary Incontinence or Leaking
Pressure or Heaviness in Pelvis

Physical Therapy Can Help!

Postpartum Care

After your baby is born, your focus is on taking care of your beautiful child. But who is taking care of you? My goal is to help you in this time to reconnect with your body so that you can best take care of your child.

 If You Are Experiencing:

Hip/Low Back/Groin Pain
Heaviness or Pressure in your Pelvis
Diastasis Recti or Splitting of your Abdomen
Urinary or Fecal Incontinence (Leaking)
Painful Urination or Sexual Intercourse


Physical Therapy Can Help!

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Pelvic Pain Conditions

Pelvic pain can present in a number of different ways and can be related to other diagnoses you may have received.

If You Are Experiencing:

Interstitial Cystitis
Menopause Pain

 Physical Therapy Can Help!

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual intercourse should not be painful. Period. 

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort with sexual activities, pain with orgasm, or difficulty achieving orgasm, physical therapy can help!

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Bowel & Bladder Issues

Having issues with your bowel and/or bladder function can interrupt your life significantly and you deserve better.

If You Are Experiencing Symptoms Of:

Urinary Leakage or Incontinence
Urinary Urgency or Increased Frequency
Fecal Leakage or Incontinence
Fecal Urgency or Increased Frequency
Urinary Retention
Pain with Urination or Defecation

Physical Therapy Can Help!

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Orthopedic Pain Conditions

If You Are Experiencing:     

Neck Pain/Headaches
Jaw Pain
Shoulder Pain
Mid Back Pain
Rib Pain
Low Back Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle/Foot Pain

Physical Therapy Can Help! I Treat The Whole Body!

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Core & Pelvic Floor Issues

If You Are Experiencing:

Weakness of the Core or Pelvic Floor Muscles
Difficulty Engaging These Muscles
Bowel or Bladder Dysfunction
Prolapse Symptoms or Heaviness in the Pelvis
Urinary Incontinence or Leakage

Physical Therapy Can Help!
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